Presidents Circle

Members of our Presidents Circle share in and support our ONE VISION through their philanthropy, leadership, and community engagement. Members contribute $1,000 or more annually. We thank the members of The Presidents Circle and invite you to join them.

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Seven members wish to remain anonymous.

Anonymous, in honor of Peter Harbilas

Alison DeTuncq and Paul Archer

Michael Arenton

Bebe Heiner and Bill Atwood

Kathy Rhyne and Chuck Axten

April and Jay Barton

Ruthe and Martin* Battestin

Carol Bauer

Robert Baydush

Kathryn and J. Taylor Beard

Richard Behr

Holly and Russell Bell

Kathy and Jim Berlin

David Bilko

Diane and Spencer Birdsong

Nancy and David Bogdonoff

Liza and Pete Borches

George Brannock

Nicole and Timothy Breeden

Bernard T. Bress

Suzanne J. and Robert L. Brooks

Diane and Richard Brownlee

Todd F. Cadle

Richard Carpenter

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Casteen III

Edith Catlin

Didi and Peter Chapin

The Charles Fund

Sandhya and Bobby Chhabra

Mary and Mike Chinn

Carol and Stephen Clarke

Gail L. and David R. Clelland

Bonnie Wilfore and Chris Conti

Deborah and George Conway

Shirley Crehore

Ruth C. Cross

Carolyn Cullen

Linda Dallanegra

Susan W. and David L. Dallas

William L. Dalton

Margery and Thomas M. Daniel

Bridget and Tim Davis

Polly and David Deck

Drs. Cindy and John Dent

Sally and Charles Du Bose

Christine and Thomas Eagleson

Peggy and John Echols

Pamela and Frank Edmonds

Sasha and John Farmer

Kirby and Adrian Felts

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Flow

Dorrie and Barry Fontaine

Pat and Bob Foster

Shirley S. and Robert L. French

Sue and Frank Friedman

Susan K. and Philip O. Garland

Joshua Gentry

Mark Giles

Mindy and Dan Goodall

Caroline Green Fund

Valerie and Carlton Gregory

Laura Faye and Brad Groff

Carolyn P. and David W. Grow

Amanda Hallstead

Pat and Leroy Hamlett

Wendy Zomparelli and Richard Handler

Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Harbilas

Ann and Greg Harris

Patricia L. and Ronald L. Higgins

Linda W. Hitchings

Susan Holley

Caroline Emerson and Sarah Horne

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart S. Howards

Huffman Family Fund in the CACF

Barbara and David Hutchinson

Judith and J. Michael Jaeger

James L. Jessup, Jr.

Kelley and Eric S. Johnson

Diane and Van Johnson

William J. Kehoe

Laurie and Blair Kelly

Bob Kemp

Betsy and Jim Kennan

Ginger and Randolph Kohr

Carol and Steve Krohn

Barkley and Chris Laing

Francesca and Edward de Lange

Teresa Sullivan and Douglas Laycock

Mary E. and Jon C. Leachtenauer

Pattye H. Leggett

Dr. and Mrs. Hal M. Lippard

Valerie and Don Long

Carol and Peter Low

Abby and Sean Lunn

Fleming and Charles Lunsford

Mr. and Mrs. Thad Lyman

Peggy and Thomas* MacAvoy

David Madigan

Carolyn and Frank Maginnis

Grace and Leonard Mailloux

Lynn W. and Lawrence J. Martin

Gary McGee

Ryan McKillip

Freddy Mladen

The MLG Foundation

Karen Moran and Wistar Morris

Joe Mullen

Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Fund

Ann and Carter Myers

Carol Hurst and Jon Nafziger

Chris Noland

John G. Nunley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Nunley

Sarah Corse and Bill Pearson

Perry Foundation

Helen Plaisance

Warren Polson

Peggy and Frank Quayle

Sue and Reuben Rainey

Sarah and Michael Rettig

Grace D. Riggs

Joyce Robbins

Dr. and Mrs. Dudley Rochester

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rotgin, Jr.

Kristin and Scott Roth

Virginia and James Rovnyak

John C. Rowlingson, M.D.

Nancy Rumbley

Jerry and Leonard Sandridge

Gertrude and E. Sykes* Scherman

Carolyn and Kevin Schuyler

Mrs. Frederic W. Scott

Betty and John Scott

Dr. and Mrs. Hubert A. Shaffer, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shannon, Jr.

Timothy L. Shelton

J. Anne and Phillip W. Shiflett

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sihler

Jane-Ashley and Peter Skinner

Charles Smith

Hunter Smith Family Foundation

Jody and Robert Smith

Julie and Phil Sparks

Standish Family Foundation

Helen and John Steele

Richard Steeves

Jodie A. Stevens

The Stillfield Fund

Philip Stokes

Whitney and Anne M. Stone Foundation

Michael Strode

David Szwedo

Liza and Rocky Taylor

Jane and Bryan Thomas

Elsie and W. McIlwaine Thompson

Dorothy and Bill Tompkins

Cathy and Kirk Train

Susan and Richard Tremblay

Michele and Wade Tremblay

Pamela L. Turner

Sarah Turner

Deborah and Michel van Eersel

Laine and Joe VanDyke

Pierre Verdier

Jerry Vinson

Craig Volden

Claudette Grant and Juandiego Wade

Pamela Sutton-Wallace and Maurice Wallace

James Walsh

Wardle Family Foundation

Sheila and Ted Weschler

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Wesson

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Whitcomb

Mary Lyndon Whitmore

The Honorable and Mrs. J. Harvie Wilkinson III

Angell Husted and Harold Wright

Trula and John Wright

Mrs. M.R.J. Wyllie

George Yin

The Yorkshire Foundation

Nancy and John Young




We have taken great care to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this list, and regret any errors or omissions. Please contact Caroline Emerson at 434.972.1701 if any corrections are needed.